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The hammock has existed for thousands of years among the indigenes peoples of the Americas. This new and useful piece of furniture was taught to the early European explorers by the peoples of the Caribbean. At this time the Mayans of the Yucatan began is weave the finest hammocks developing techniques that combined traditional and modern materials.

Currently the hammocks of www.mayans.com are produced by families who live in and around our center in Merida. For the most part of the our hammocks are handmade from thread and other materials we provide to the weavers.  

Weavers are also artist and they select the colors and designs according to their independent ideas. Our company works together with them to insure the quality of the end product and it be certain they receive a fair competition for their work.

Although hammocks are now made throughout the world, the greatest variety are made in the Americas, Brazil, Colombia and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico are well known as important centers of production.

The unique nature of the hammock is that it can easily be installed between two fixed points such as trees, posts or hooks. The woven net like nature of the body (main central position) offers an even support for the person in a relaxed position. The end strings (usually made of nylon) provide strength for holding up the central portion. Both body and end strings can vary in design and color with an endless choice of artistic motifs.


The origin of the hammock

Rubber, corn, potatoes and the hammock are among the many items the Americas contributed to world culture. For thousands of years the tropical regions have enjoyed and perfected the weaving and use of this indigenes product.

Here in the Yucatan the earliest hammocks were made with the bark of local trees. This was later replaced by the locally grown henequen (sisal) and with the current development of modern technology cotton and the additional use of synthetic fibers

Whatever the design or material, you will find this wonderful relaxing piece of furniture an excellent addition to your home, patio, balcony, backyard or campsite!