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Hammock Dark Blue
■Hammock weight 650 grs/1.41 pounds
■Body length 1.90 meters/6.23 ft
■Body width = 0.8 mts / 2.62 ft
■Hammock length = 3.5 meters / 11.48 ft
■Weight support =150 kilograms/326 pounds

Measures Aproximately

Handwoven Hammock Mayan Syle
Available In Cotton or Nylon
Cotton Hammocks (70% cotton 30% nylon)
Nylon Hammocks 100% nylon)
For 1 Person

Available Colors In :

Hot Colors
Combinations between Red, Yellow, Orange, Green etc.. (Like example images)
Cool Colors
Combinations between Blue, Green etc.. (Like example images)
Natural Cotton Color
( Beige ) Most popular color
Many Solid Colors
(Dark Green, Dark Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, Light Green,
Light Blue and even more!)


Cotton hammock (70% cotton 30% nylon)
Nylon hammock (100% nylon)
For Only 1 Person


* If not see the color you want, tell us in the comments we shipp the color that like you.

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Hammocks: thousand years old creation

For rest there is nothing more pleasant than a hammock. They began to be made in Central America over a thousand years ago and are still made today. Hammocks are made by indigenous artisans from different countries and only they know the best technique of hand work to deliver a high- quality, safe, strong and very original product.
Current hammocks are made ​​from cotton , but years ago the materials used were different . Whatever material you choose to use these household utensils have become one of the main export products and their creators perfect their processes every day a little more .
Hammocks in different ways.

The hammock that most people know is a wide body with different colors , which is tied with cords at each end , so that people can remain suspended and rocking . As mentioned earlier, the techniques have improved significantly and manufacturers have created chair hammocks, inter alia.

The different forms created by artisans have helped a large number of foreigners interested in buying them . The chair hammocks have their special touch, but continue to reflect the styles and designs of a traditional hammock.
The chair hammock offers renewed comfort.
The products are renewed according to market requirements. The chair hammocks are very innovative because they provide the location of people in these . A traditional hammock is more demanding on the method used to achieve a person lying down, as it is a material, this is not fixed . This is one of the reasons we start to sell chair hammocks.

Chair Hammocks do not need two trees or hooks as does the traditional hammock. In this case , the hammock is tied to a wood strip horizontally, that is, that the mat is much more collection and reclined .

The swing is much more pleasant in a chair hammock. These are available in striking colors and textures, some come with cushions to provide superior rest. The chair hammocks are perfect for reading sessions.

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