About us

Our company

Handmade hammocks since 1974.

We are a family based company that started producing cotton threads for hammocks in 1974, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

During our beginning we started producing Mayans Hammocks for the Local Market and for the tourists that came to Merida visiting the Mayans Ruins around our State and the Historical Center of Merida .

Some Tourists showed interest in reselling our Hammocks in Europe and USA and with them we started our Exportation Business, learning every day how can we offer our best service and quality.

The Fax has become a very helpful tool to make communications and orders easier . Before the 80's we needed 15 to 21 days to get letters from our customers. Until 1995 we used the Mexican Post Service , it was very slow, expensive and not secure.

hammocks rada

Currently, we use the major couriers like FedEx, DHL or UPS. We get special large discounts that we pass to our customers completely. Also for large quantities we have special rates by Lufthansa to Europe and by Continental Cargo to North America and Pacific Asia and Oceania.

Our business started to open to the world when the Internet came to Mexico in 1996. We put our website online that year.

In 1997 The Yahoo Magazine published a reporter of our website and many readers knew us.

During all these years, we continue growing, producing more and better hammocks, helping Mayan handcrafters get some income, offering fair prices, working the economy of scale to benefits our customers and distributes who we have around the world.

In 1990, we only had a few hundred hammocks in stock. Today we have more than twelve thousand hammocks in our warehouse. We can respond quicker to our distributors supplying them immediately in most cases.

Also, we are very concerned to offer our hammocks directly to the retail consumer, offering attractive prices, fast delivery and a high standard of quality.

Welcome to our new website, enjoy the photos of our different hammocks and if you are interest in one, we will be ready to help you.